How it works

  • 1


    Tenant finds their dream rental property

  • 2


    Agent creates a Reposit and adds tenants via email

  • 3


    Tenant signs online and pays only 1 weeks rent

  • 4


    Agent earns commission for the Reposit

Customer quote

This is a no-brainer for agents, landlords and tenants. It's a win/win for everyone in the transaction. Reposit helps us rent properties faster, reduces landlord void periods and saves tenants from having money tied up in a traditional deposit scheme...

Craig Ferguson,

Lettings Agent - Deighton Mckenzie

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The smarter way to let property

Stand out in a crowded market, offer tenants a lower cost and save time on paperwork

Manage Reposits from your laptop or smartphone
  • Free tenant referencing

    Opt-in for our free referencing service, including identity validation, anti-fraud and credit checks

  • Save time and go paperless

    Set up a Reposit in minutes with no admin hassle and manage all your properties in one place

  • Get peace of mind

    We mediate payments from the tenant with a simple process at the end if the tenancy