How it works

  • 1


    Landlords or lettings agent creates a Reposit...

  • 2


    Legal documents are signed online...

  • 3


    Tenants pay 1 weeks rent...

  • 4


    Property covered up to the value of 6 weeks rent.

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  • London Co-Investment Fund
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The Benefits

  • Letting Agents

    Letting Agents

    Agencies can increase their profits by earning a referral fee for each Reposit.

  • Tenants


    Tenants pay a fee of one weeks rent instead of the standard 4-6 weeks deposit.

  • Landlords


    In the event of a claim, we guarantee to pay out faster than any of the current deposit schemes.

Customer quotes

Customer quote
  • Reposit is an innovative product which allows tenants to use something different to the current offerings. Rent North East are proud to be offering the Reposit option on all managed properties, and have found Reposit to be very attractive to applicants.

    Jack Barnett,

    Lettings Agent - Rent North East

  • Reposit is a straight forward alternative to the regular options available to letting agents. Mitigating the excessive paper work now involved when using custodial schemes.

    Nicola Bean,

    Lettings Agent - Letting Zone UK

  • This is a no-brainer for agents, landlords and tenants. It's a win/win for everyone in the transaction. Reposit helps us rent properties faster, reduces landlord void periods and saves tenants from having money tied up in a traditional deposit scheme...

    Craig Ferguson,

    Lettings Agent - Deighton McKenzie

  • I was living in a crappy house and had to move out, giving me two weeks to find a new place and raise £1000 to cover fees and deposit. When I realised Reposit was an option I felt super relieved and it was like heaven. I am still waiting for the catch.

    Kwame Afriyie,

    Designer & Tenant