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Our story

In 2014, Jude moved to London from Ballymena, Northern Ireland. On arrival, he was shocked by the high upfront costs to rent a property. He got the money together, but had very little left. It was frustrating and painful.

He realised it couldn't just be him with this problem... then he had a lightbulb moment: what if there was a way to cut out the financial pressure for tenants but also give landlords and letting agents the security they need?

He enlisted the help of master builder Brendan, a former engineer at the Home Office. They went for a Guinness (naturally) and put together the Reposit business plan to make renting fairer.

Meet the team

  • Jude Greer

    Jude Greer


    Renter. Co-founder and the spark that ignited Reposit, also the one in charge of keeping everyone happy. Jude trained as an actor before working on campaigns at the Dog’s Trust. If he didn’t start Reposit he might have been a chef, he is the best cook in the office. He loves dogs, theatre and going to the beach.

  • Brendan Short

    Brendan Short


    Renter. Former cyber security engineer for the Home Office, Brendan is a master at building secure online platforms. He started his first award-winning business while still at university and has been honing his craft ever since. He enjoys learning about innovative technologies as well as watching live music.

  • Simon Tabor

    Simon Tabor

    Software Engineer

    Renter. An unparalleled computer genius, while studying computer science at school Simon found himself teaching the class. He started working in his first start-up aged 17 and started his first internet company aged 20. He is the best tennis player in the office and most often walking his adorable dog Max.

  • Ian Austin

    Ian Austin

    Partnerships Manager

    Renter. Ian trained as a sales negotiator in estate agency, moving over to property fintech before joining Reposit. He loves playing / watching football and is also a qualified lifeguard. He has recently been converted to the Italian way of life by a trip through Florence, Rome and Venice.

  • Jessica Allen

    Jessica Allen

    Marketing Manager

    Renter. Before Reposit Jess worked at the Bank of New York and organised international energy conferences. She has lived in both China and Taiwan, is amazing with chopsticks and speaks (rusty) Mandarin Chinese. She’s attempting her first half marathon this year to raise money for CRUK.

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