Our mission

Paying a tenancy deposit is expensive, and stressful. Generation Rent need a better option. By developing trust, automation and financial innovation, we provide a service that lowers this cost making moving and living easier and more affordable.

The team

  • Curran McKay

    Curran McKay


    Renter. Curran used to work in Corporate Partnerships for humanitarian organisations and believes in bringing change to make society better. He loves music, new experiences. He hates vegetables.

  • Jude Greer

    Jude Greer


    Renter. Loves people, and understanding what makes them tick. Trained as an actor originally and loves the theatre/film, as well as visiting new places. Hates travelling on the tube.

  • Brendan Short

    Brendan Short


    Renter. When Brendan isn’t locked to his computer, he enjoys concerts and laughing. Keen eye for detail and hates dancing around the point.

  • Simon Tabor

    Simon Tabor

    Software Engineer

    Renter. When Simon isn't out walking his dog, Max, he's writing secure and scalable Node.js applications. School dropout with five years' experience.

  • We're hiring

    Our team is growing and you could be part of it!

    Reposit is on a mission to make renting easier and more affordable for everyone. We have some big plans to change the way people in the UK rent forever. And thats why we need you.

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