Reposit is faster and more affordable than taking a tenancy deposit

  1. Your properties stand out in a crowded market with lower void periods and six week cover as standard.
  2. You no longer have to register deposits or risk fines and you generate commission through our Partnered Agents scheme.
  • Clock

    Takes less than 5 minutes

  • Piggy Bank

    Earn commission from each Reposit

  • Piggy Bank

    Increase property turnover

Increase your revenue each time you use Reposit

Traditional deposit schemes can charge up to £20 per deposit, which over time will eat into your bottom line. Reposit believes agencies shouldn't have to pay a dime, in fact we'll actually pay you a commission fee for each Reposit sold.

Once you register an account with us, we'll reach out to you to agree on a commission structure which is based on the average rental value of your portfolio. At a set date each month, we'll deposit your earnings into your agreed account.

Ready to increase revenue and let properties faster?

Customer quotes

Customer quote
  • Reposit is an innovative product which allows tenants to use something different to the current offerings. Rent North East are proud to be offering the Reposit option on all managed properties, and have found Reposit to be very attractive to applicants.

    Jack Barnett,

    Lettings Agent - Rent North East

  • Reposit is a straight forward alternative to the regular options available to letting agents. Mitigating the excessive paper work now involved when using custodial schemes.

    Nicola Bean,

    Lettings Agent - Letting Zone UK

  • This is a no-brainer for agents, landlords and tenants. It's a win/win for everyone in the transaction. Reposit helps us rent properties faster, reduces landlord void periods and saves tenants from having money tied up in a traditional deposit scheme...

    Craig Ferguson,

    Lettings Agent - Deighton McKenzie

  • I was living in a crappy house and had to move out, giving me two weeks to find a new place and raise £1000 to cover fees and deposit. When I realised Reposit was an option I felt super relieved and it was like heaven. I am still waiting for the catch.

    Kwame Afriyie,

    Designer & Tenant

We take your landlord's security seriously

“We provide a service that protects you and your landlords.”

Our upmost priority is to provide a service that protects you and your landlords, in fact it's completely aligned with our internal goals as a business.

With Reposit, if there are damages at the end of the tenancy - we promise to pay out within 28 days, but realistically it should never take that long except in the case where there is a dispute.

Last year, the largest custodial scheme reported only 0.7% of tenants disputed amount they owed - in the case that there is a dispute, you'll benefit from our partnered third party dispute team which you can manage through our online platform.